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Dr. Dan Kiley-Lake Otis Dental

Your Smile and Your Overall Health

The most obvious goal of providing such a wide range of services to patients from Anchorage and beyond is to create healthy smiles, but general and family dentistry is also about more than that—it’s about creating healthier patients overall. As more studies on oral and overall health are completed, more is learned about just how closely each one is connected. Already, health problems like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes, and pregnancy complications have proven to share an undeniable connection to oral health.

As a result, a less obvious—but no less important—goal of general and family dentistry is to help you and your family support your overall health through regular checkups and professional cleanings. With regular visits, which should come at least twice a year, Dr. Kiley and his Anchorage team can look for signs of gum disease, which is often the contributing factor. This is what we call preventive dentistry, because not only are we preventing your smile from developing a serious problem, we can also prevent these problems from spreading beyond your smile to negatively impact your overall wellbeing. As a result, patients can smile with confidence, knowing that their smiles and their overall wellbeing are in better shape.

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